My Background.

I am an Enrolled Agent who has over 20 years of tax experience, particularly in the specialized area of Research Tax Credit (also known as Research and Development Tax Credit). My extensive background in tax, coupled with a focus on assisting businesses of all sizes, positions me as a valuable resource in navigating the complexities of tax regulations, particularly for smaller and start-up companies.

While I have enjoyed working for many years at large public accounting firms, I decided to start my own consulting business so that I could tailor my services to meet the specific needs of each client, offering strategic guidance on maximizing tax savings through the R&D Credit and streamlining processes to minimize documentation burdens.

Moreover, my ability to represent taxpayers before the IRS and state tax authorities adds another layer of value, as it provides clients with peace of mind knowing that they have a knowledgeable advocate in their corner during tax examinations.

Overall, my blend of experience, specialization, and client-centric approach positions me as a trusted advisor in the realm of tax consulting, particularly for businesses engaged in research and development activities.

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